Being an INNOSHOE® Charter member means a commitment:

  • Follow accurately an up-to-date specifications manual for all regulated substances;
  • Maintain regular and controlled ties with suppliers and subcontractors;
  • Proceed with seasonal self-controlled reviews of the collections;
  • Manage any non-compliances should they arise.

The general principle of product safety set down by the law puts the onus on manufacturers to ensure the non-harmful nature of their products for consumers.

The purpose of this charter is to set the methodology and framework for manufacturers from the Shoe Industry, to ensure an acceptable level of chemical safety throughout their production chain.


Signatories of the INNOSHOE Charter put an organisation in place enabling them to ensure the following:

  •     A structured and defined internal organisation to deal with the Innocuity/REACh topic;
  •     Keeping of an up-to-date Innocuity/REACh specifications manual describing all regulations and subsequent obligations applicable to the Shoe Industry;
  •     Regular communications with suppliers and subcontractors on the Innocuity/REACh specifications and on their commitment to follow these scrupulously;
  •     Regular tests on their collections run by accredited labs to verify they respect the above-mentioned specifications;
  •     Archiving of the results of chemical tests conducted and traceability of the response to non-compliances if applicable;
  •     Existence of an emergency procedure in case products need to be recalled.

Download the 4-pager explaining the Charter for Chemical Safety for the Shoe Industry