If I am a distributor or a retailer, what does INNOSHOE bring me?+

If you are a client of an INNOSHOE member company :
You can have the assurance that your supplier has incorporated an efficient innocuity management of its manufacturing process.
For any questions you might have about INNOSHOE, you can contact the manufacturer directly : indeed, each member designates someone internally who will be in a position to answer you.

I am a manufacturer and I would like to know more about INNOSHOE. How can I apply?+

You can submit your application to the organisation in charge of the INNOSHOE’s governance.
For more information, contact them at the following address : innoshoe@innoshoe.fr

Who is behind the INNOSHOE Charter ?+

Accompanied by the Regional Association for the Shoe Industry in Pays de la Loire and the Fashion Council for the West of France, with the financial support of the Pays de la Loire Region, the official institutions like DIRECCTE, SGAR and FEDER, the manufacturers shaped the statutes for the organisation, the rules for its governance and its structure. They also defined the processes for : applications, control and audit procedures, and exclusions.

How does INNOSHOE work?+

INNOSHOE is a self-managing organisation including an executive committee, a financial committee and an independent official technical coordinator.

The main missions of the executive committee consist of adapting the charter to the evolutions of the regulations, approving the updates of the charter, defining the operating procedures, defining conditions for applications and exclusions, and appointing an official operational technical coordinator and a panel of qualified auditors.

Everything has been designed and conceived for INNOSHOE to become the new standard in terms of innocuity

The manufacturers who comply with these rules are part of a unique innovative approach.

If I buy shoes bearing the INNOSHOE mark, what can it bring me ?+

If you are wearing a pair of shoes bearing the INNOSHOE mark :
You can have the assurance that these shoes received a special attention regarding their innocuity.


A few years ago, 9 manufacturers launched this initiative and went to CTC, Expert Centre servicing the Leather industry. Together, they set the rules of the charter and created a framework that would allow them to ensure a well-thoughout level of chemical safety for their production.