What are the rules of the charter ?

What are the rules of the charter ?

The INNOSHOE charter is managed according to a governance model around 3 entities (executive committee, financial committee and technical coordinator), with membership conditions, rules for applications and control, and exclusion procedures.

The INNOSHOE charter comes after years of development. It is the result of a voluntary initiative led by 9 manufacturers of the shoe industry. It is backed by the Regional Association for the Shoe Industry in Pays de la Loire, with the support of CTC, an Expert Centre servicing the Leather industry.

The INNOSHOE charter sets thorough technical specifications for all materials entering the making of a shoe.

The charter sets the rules for :

  • the control over suppliers and sub-contractors
  • the management of the results of the conducted analyses
  • the management of potential non-conformities
  • the management of product recalls, when applicable

The charter sets a structured process for the management of chemical risks. Every season, evolutions in regulations and norms are taken into account.

The charter also sets the rules that signatories need to follow to the tee.

According to the charter, the Governance comittee controls the members, evaluates new candidates and excludes manufacturers who contrevene the rules set by the charter.